Emerson Pattisall Obituary – Death, Regan High School Student Passes

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Emerson Pattisall Regan High School student Obituary – Death

The death of Emerson Pattisall came as a shock to the students of Regan High School and residents of San Antonio. This is such a sad time for the family and loved ones Pattisall has left behind.

Cause of death

There have been speculations that Pattisall may have taken his life. There has however been no official confirmation of this yet.


Some well wishers have taken to their Facebook to share condolence messages

Sandra Lineback Newton:

“Brayden just saw on Snapchat this afternoon that a boy in his class took his life last night. This is absolutely heartbreaking. Praying for his family and Reagan High School as a whole. My heart is extremely heavy from the events of this week. #mentalhealthmatters #seekhelpifneeded”

Kellie Stewart Thompson

“Our Reagan High School football team has lost one of our players. Please pray for our team and our school family. Pray for the parents and family of this child. Hug your babies and talk to them. Get involved in their lives. Ask them how they feel. Find out what’s going on. Praying for protection and peace”.

Funeral arrangement/visitation 

There is no news yet from the family concerning funeral arrangements or visitation time. Nothing prepares a person for the loss of a loved one and so at a dire time like this, we extend our warmest condolences to the family of the deceased.