Ellen MacPhee Death – Obituary – Ellen MacPhee Has Died

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Ellen MacPhee Death – Obituary – Ellen MacPhee sadly passed onto glory on Saturday 18th of September 2021. The cause of her death was not released to the public.

The publicity of her demise was made known by Nils Ling, who posted to Facebook on the 21st of September 2021.

According to Nils Ling, Ellen gained a reputation as a brilliant musician at the College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts in Summerside.

Ling wrote, “I first met Ellen when she was a child, perhaps 11 years old. I’d gone to do a story about two siblings, Ellen and her brother John, who was gaining a reputation as brilliant musicians at the College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts in Summerside. She was a delight to interview – bubbly and cheery and filled with pure joy.
She never lost that.
The next time we crossed paths I was interviewing her about her international travels with the youth performing group Up With People. And then she was on the phone with me from the Olympics in Atlanta, where she was part of the Canadian cultural contingent.
We’d stumble over one another many more times over the years. I convinced her to do a series of shows north of Toronto with Allison, Jeff Matheson, and me. She lit up the stage – playing pipes, dancing, and singing.
Later she went off for a year of special training in California. Oddly, over that distance we became closer than ever: chatting on our computers late into the night. She was lonely and unsure and needed someone familiar. And there I was. Late in the night in California is LATE in the night in PEI. But spending time with her was worth a sluggish next day.
Years went on. She married a great guy, Stephen. In the weeks leading up to her wedding, I had the idea of writing a song for them as a wedding gift.
I went to Stephen. “Look, to the entire world, Ellen is this perfect woman. She’s gorgeous. She’s smart. Funny. Talented. Great dancer. Bright. Positive. Kind. Just … perfect. But come on, man. There’s gotta be something. Some flaw. Help me out…”




Friends and loved ones commented on Nils Ling’s Facebook post following Ellen demise;

One said, “Your words, once again, present such a vivid portrait of Ellen. Thank you, Nils, for sharing your memories and SONG! about Ellen. A true heart felt tribute to a beautiful person.”

Another mentioned, “I’m sorry for your loss. Prayers for peace, strength & comfort. That song is great!! Bat shit crazy 😂😂”

One mentioned, “So sorry for the loss of your Perfectly Imperfect friend. What a beautiful tribute Nils!💗💗💗”