Elderly Couple Still Missing in Scordia, In The Catania Area.

October 25, 2021. in Rome a cyclone impacts Italy with floods in Sicily and Calabria. In these hours a deep low pressure center that formed in the Balearic Islands has reached the Sicilian Sea and has been transformed into an authentic Mediterranean hurricane.

It is red alert for the bad weather in the two regions where a river in the province of Trapani flooded yesterday. Several people, including some foreign tourists, were rescued.

An elderly couple is still missing in Scordia, in the Catania area. he is said to be in his 70s while she is in her 50s.

The couple were in a countryside area in the ‘Ogliastro’ district. they were in  In the provincial capital, the violent rains caused various damage and flooding.

Schools closed today in many municipalities of eastern Sicily, from Messina to Catania, to Acireale. Same provision in many municipalities of Calabria, as a Catanzaro and Reggio Calabria. Rains, thunderstorms and gale force winds will continue to hit the Ionian slopes. Alert also for Basilicata and Puglia.

Four men who were blocked by the swelling of a river in the Trapani area during a violent storm were saved by the Nucleo Saf, that is, the Alpine river cave of the Trapani firefighters and by the Alcamo team.

The four (2 Germans, an Italian and a South American)were saved just before being overwhelmed by the water. The four were in a state of hypothermia and were taken to hospital, but their conditions are not serious.

Antonio Sanò, director and founder of ilMeteo.it, warns that the cyclone will cause an intense and persistent wave of bad weather that will hit with extreme violence especially on Calabria, where floods are expected on most of the provinces of the region, especially on the ionic sectors. But pouring rains and winds of more than 100 km / h will also hit Sicily and Basilicata and locally also the Campania.

The vortex will be able to affect, at least temporarily, even the regions of the Center with widespread rains especially on Tuesday. In the North, however, the weather will improve with more sun and the entry of tense winds from Bora and Grecale which will decrease the night temperatures. The cyclone will affect the weather in the South for the whole week, and always especially the Ionian Calabria and Sicily, but from Thursday also southern Puglia.

Then in conjunction with the Halloween weekend and the Feast of All Saints a Atlantic disturbance it could ruin the plans of the holiday bridge.