El Paso Mother Cries for help in finding son’s killer following weekend shooting In El Paso house party

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Kenneth Ellababedi Death – Cause of Death – The mother of a teenager who was shot at a house party at 12529 Wendy Reed Drive around 2:10 a.m. on Sunday is pleading for help in finding her son killer.

Kenneth Ellababedi, 18, is the teen that was shot outside of a far east El Paso house party.

Vaughn posted to Facebook on Monday and described the loss of her son as a “nightmare.”

Alma Vaughan the teen’s mother said Ellababedi’s friend disclosed that Ellababedi was not involved in the fight that happened. According to her son’s friend, Ellababedi heard gunshots and wanted to go see what was going on when a bullet met with him.

Vaughn said. “He was running for his life that’s what they said. He was screaming, scared, terrified and it was too late a bullet reached him, here in the middle of the chest.”

Vaughan Advice To Parents

Vaughan also advised parents; “Stay on top of what your children are doing. “If they are going to go to a party, pick them up, take them yourself,” Vaughan said. “Please protect your children, please talk to them. Please know who your children’s friends are it’s important to know.”

Vaughan Spoke About Ellababedi Role On Other People’s Life

Vaughn almost choked up when she spoke about her son’s impact on others.

“He had to help around in the house a lot to help me because I was a single mom. I had to raise my children alone so he helped a lot. He was very hopeful, very supportive helping me take care of his brother and sister.”

Vaughn added, “He touched everybody that met him. I was not aware of how transcendent his personality was gonna be throughout his friends, His friends are telling me that everybody that ever met him liked him, you know everybody that met him was really touched by him. They said that he had an amazing personality that just everybody wanted to be around him.”

Vaughan Request To Arrest Her Son’s Killer

She also pleaded for help tracking down the shooters, claiming several people were involved.

“I will find closure when we find the person that did this and we convict them,” Vaughn said. I will not rest until this happens because his life was taken too soon. I will never be able to see the man he was supposed to become. This is not gonna bring my son back but it will give me some closure and peace knowing that the city is a little safer and our children are safe because I still have two other children that I have to protect.”