Eimable Manirakiza Missing – Melbourne musician Found dead after over two months of search

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Eimable Manirakiza Missing – Death of Melbourne musician who went missing in June.

Eimable Manirakiza, 24 year-old who went missing from Melbourne on June 23rd 2021 has now been found dead.

According to reports, the 24 year-old who was said to be a musician was said to have been seen last by his family on the said date at the Gordon O’Keefe Reserve in Werribee, in Melbourne’s outer west.

Eimable Manirakiza Search:

Authorities began search for Eimable immediately he was reported missing. They searched areas where he was seen last and was said to visit but the search didn’t turn up much for two months.

The family of the 24 year-old were deeply worried at his disappearance as they said it was out of his character to not contact them as he was said to be very lovable towards his family. He was said to constantly help take care of his younger ones.

Kendra, a friend of Eimable said “Eimable’s profound interest in spirituality, his talent as a musician and his passion for his creative life have been very inspirational for me over the years, But given the state that he was in, it’s understandable, and the possibility that he may have been afraid of hospitalization. We don’t know what’s happened. The possibilities are quite broad.”

Multiple sources have said that Eimable was believed to have been having a manic episode and had called for help just before leaving his mother’s house for the park. His brother Ben was said to have followed him to the park but lost sight of him along the line and didn’t see or hear from him since then.

Eimable Manirakiza Description:

The 24 year-old was described as a Black male who has shoulder length brown hair nad brown eyes. He was said to have been slim build.

The last known clothing description of Eimable was given as a camouflage top, black pants and high-top sneakers, and had his hair tied in a loose ponytail.

Eimable Manirakiza death:

On Saturday, September 4th 2021, The body of Eimable was recovered from Werribee River at about 11:30am after his bag was found in the area previously.

The search team said “Our team conducted a search based off new information. And at midday on Saturday the 4th of September, Eimable’s body was recovered.”

Investigation on the cause of death of the 24 year-old is currently on-going.

The body is yet-to be identified according to reports but the family of the man has been notified.

Eimable Manirakiza GoFundMe:

A GoFundMe page has been created to help with the burial expenses of Eimable Manirakiza.

The account which was created today with a goal of  $20,000 and has raised $13,988 by 249 donors in the last 6 hours. 

The GoFundMe reads “This gofundme is dedicated to providing financial support for the immediate family of Eimable Manirakiza. Eimable was a Melbourne based musician and producer who was incredibly spiritual and had a great love of the natural world.”

To donate to support the family of the man click this link GoFundMe

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