Eileen Racioppi Obituary – Death, what happened to Eileen Racioppi? Eileen Racioppi is dead

By | January 14, 2022

Eileen Racioppi Obituary, Death, Cause Of Death -Theatre has given me a lot, but nothing adds up to my friendship with Eileen Racioppi. From the minute we met and she grab my hand and said “I got you”, I knew I had found a friend for life. Throughout our nine years working together, we created memories, stories, and shows that have touch so many students. She was the person you could count on to always be there. She was the person to raise you. She was the person who gave everything and took nothing. She was the most beautiful human to ever enter my life, if not the world.

I sit here devastated and heartbroken that I will no longer have the chance to create more memories with her. I am heartbroken that future generations of student will not know what it means to truly be in a “safe place” when you enter her classroom. I am however grateful for the nine years and 17 shows that we had together. I am grateful that I got to see her smile as the students began to bring the show to life and master the “Toledo Surprise” or any moment in a show. She was such a force of passion and love for the students who worked on stage crew. She reminded them how important they are and how they make magic happen.

Eileen Racioppi Obituary – Death, what happened to Eileen Racioppi? Eileen Racioppi is dead

Through all my emotions, I am reminded of our production of Big Fish at MTHS. I am especially reminded of this lyric in particular: “But when you tell my story, And I hope somebody does, Remember me as something bigger than I was” We will always tell your story Eileen. We will always keep your memory, faith, and drive with in all of us.
Thank you for showing us all what true strength looks like.

Thank you for inspiring us. Thank you for challenging us to be the best version of ourselves. Thank you for believe in me when others didn’t. Thank you for being my rock. Thank you for being you and never apologizing for it. I love you forever and always. May you find peace at last. We will always remember you…

Eileen was one of the kindest and most giving souls anyone could have had the pleasure of knowing. She was a blessing to so many, including her children, family, students and friends. She carried so much joy and love with her wherever she went, even though she had been fighting the toughest of battles: Cervical Cancer. She was a fighter, but unfortunately her fight came with many setbacks and complications.

We are hoping to raise funds that will help cover her extensive medical expenses as well as funeral/memorial costs. We are grateful for the love, prayers and generous gifts. Eileen was the greatest gift that anyone could have and she will forever be missed. Click to read more…