Eileen Colts-Tegg Death – Obituary, GoFundMe Page

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Eileen Colts-Tegg Death – Obituary – Eileen Colts-Tegg has sadly passed away on Sunday 12th of September 2021 due to COVID-19 complications.

It is very sad to announce as her health began to diminish quickly in-hospital care.

She is survived by her daughter Emily Colts-Tegg, 21 years of age, for whom she had left nothing.

Eileen was the only immediate family Emily had left as her dad passed away when she was six, this experience is traumatic and very tough mentally and financially for her since she is doing it alone.

Tessa Nance started a fundraiser to collect donations for Eileen’s service and to help Emily get back on her feet as she is going through this very unfortunate experience.

Her demise is made known to the public by Cynthia Sue Larson on Twitter on Tuesday 21st of September 2021.