Ebonie Marie Baxter Death – Ebonie Marie Baxter Has Died – Obituary, Tributes

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Ebonie Marie Baxter Death: Obituary – Ebonie Marie Baxter mourns as the death of her son Bryon Baxter got to her hearing

This has been a great sorrow for the Baxter family.

Ebonie Marie Baxter posted following the death of her son Bryon;

“Funeral home just called me to tell me they have his body from The Medical Examiners….
My Son is Gone
My Son…..”

Lindy Lopez posted on Facebook, “Prayers for Ebonie Marie Baxter and family.
This was Byron’s Older brother Cyrus Baxter.”


Tributes have been paid to the demise via social media.

Jenelia James Pitman posted on Facebook;

“My deepest condolences to the The Baxters Family. Ebonie Marie Baxter I wouldn’t tell you time heals all wounds because a mother’s love for her children is very special and no one will understand but you. I felt your pain through your enter lives today all I thought about was you. I really wanted to reach out just to hug you. You are in my prayers and continue to be strong God will give you the strength to do so. We Love you On behalf of Da’Nelia’s walk To recovery.”


Prophetees Trail wrote:
“Depression is real and I know because when I was traumatized by witchcraft I dealt with it so prayers up for Little Bryon and his mother Ebonie Marie Baxter and family… his brother took his life last night by crashing his car into trees and the sad part about it he was on the phone with his ex and she watch him took his life and didn’t think twice to call his mother… instead she texted her friends and made jokes about it ….you never know what people are going through so stop judging people instead pray for them.”