E.O. Wilson Death, naturalist dubbed a modern-day Darwin dead at 92 – Obituary

E.O. Wilson Death – Obituary: We are saddened to hear of E.O. Wilson’s passing. In April of 2020, @caleb.r.johnson penned a story for the @bittersoutherner about this world-renowned scientific thinker whose vision for stopping unprecedented environmental hemorrhaging was based on decades of careful witness, writing and work in ecology and conservation. “In the 1940s, E.O. Wilson was an Alabama teenager who wandered the bottomland around Mobile and studied its creatures. He never stopped and became the world’s foremost authority on biodiversity.”

Born in the southern U.S. state of Alabama, Wilson’s trajectory as an entomologist, someone who studies insects, was set at the age of 10, when he spent hours in the woods collecting bugs and butterflies. Wilson attracted controversy when his 1975 book “Sociobiology: the New Synthesis” was interpreted by some scientists as implying that human behaviours like altruism or hostility are determined by genes, or “nature”, rather than environment, or “nurture”. Critics at the time decried the theory as carrying echoes of eugenics.

Wilson’s Half-Earth Project calls for protecting half the planet’s land and sea so there are enough diverse and well-connected ecosystems to reverse the course of species extinction, which is happening at a rate not seen in 10 million years.

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