Dr. Lonnie Smith is Dead, Cause of Death

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Lonnie Smith Dies At 79

Who is Dr. Lonnie Smith?

According to reports, Smith was born Lakwana, New York and turned soul jazz pioneer in the 1960’s alongside saxophonist Lou Donaldson and organist Jimmy Smith-soul jazz is a music box full of of blues and gospel style of jazz song, He motto was patent for a genuine and loving process, a greasy organ drizzled on a stylish, danceable melody.

Dr. Lonnie Smith Cause of Death

According to reports, American organist Dr. Lonnie Smith who passed away at the age of 79, was said to have died in September in the midst of his family and loved ones at his home located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He’s been reported to have lost the battle which he fought bravely to 28 cases of pulmonary fibrosis. The blue note released his death date and the president has already paid tribute to the late veteran.

Dr. Lonnie Smith Career

According to reports his songs were not sophisticated, his song has been sampled by by a tribe called Quest and Wu-Tang Clan. it was reported that he said “Doc is a musical genius with a deep, fashionable rhythm and a witty and playful spirit. His mastery of the drawbar can only be compared to the warmth in his heart. He is a very beautiful person, and all of us at blue note love him very much”

It was reported that the deceased started late in organizing. Starting with trumpet first, he learned to play with his ears in school. As a teenager, he sang and contributed as part of a doo-wop band called “Young Kings” Vocals. During his early 20’s, he saw a Hammond organ in a music store owned by a man named Art Kibera, which turned his life around for good.

He told the www.jazzfunkandsoul.com in 2018, that playing the instrument the first time brought him peace; “you know when you open a bible, you will see that they sometimes have a photo on it. Is there light from the sky? It’s like that for me. I sit by the organ and everything hits me, I can hear the sound and everything”.

According to reports, Dr. Smith visited the store to play the organ daily, the owner saw how good he was and gave him the organ free of charge to save it. Few years after the event, he became Hammond’s performer; so much so that in the mid-1960’s he was famous for performing using his tongue as a member of the Sami Bryant Orchestra.