Donella Crenshaw car accident – What happened to Donella Crenshaw?

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Donella Crenshaw Death – Obituary :  Donella Crenshaw, a resident of Toledo, Ohio has died from injuries suffered from a fatal motor vehicle crash.

Societyalert learnt about her death via a social media post made by Adana Beach

“Mannnn my friend Donella Crenshaw is not gone i just start to see my girl again cause she was delivering my mail my baby knocked on my door personally lol to let me know…. like I’m gone miss her beautiful soul I’m glad I let her know I loved her the last time I seen her I swear I’m gone miss seeing her beautiful face. I remember going to life skills meeting her and she was like that’s funny yo name the same as my mom name lol I was to shocked to hear someone older besides my grandma who I’m named after had my name so i happened to be in golden corral and i introduced myself to her mom when she worked there at the time like hi adina my name is adana to I’m donella friend from I’m praying for her babygirl her sister her family and other friends” 

The nature of the accident is yet unknown. Authorities are yet to release a statement regarding the accident .

This is a developing story.