Does Andrew Luck Have Cancer? Wife And Family – Health Illness Update

By | January 13, 2022

Does Andrew Luck Have Cancer? Andrew Luck played for seven seasons with the Indianapolis Colts in the National Football League (NFL). His amateur career is also considered to be one of the highly-respected careers in the collegiate football fraternity. Despite his successful career in NFL, Luck had abruptly opted for retirement ahead of the 2019 season.

Considered to be among the best professional athletes to retire during their prime, not many people were happy with his decision. Now that he is back on the NFL grounds, he has intrigued the netizens with many questions about his life.

Andrew Luck is not reported to have cancer. Any update on his health or his illness is not on display. His fans are concerned about his recent appearance where he looks frail as he has lost weight. Although Luck has not talked about the reason behind his weight loss, netizens are worried about his health condition.

Hence, Twitter is currently seeing heated discussions about whether the former NFL star may be fighting cancer on his own. Andrew Luck is married to his wife, Nicole Pechanec with whom he leads a happy family.

Nicole is his longtime girlfriend who he married on March 31, 2019. Luck had announced that he was expecting his first child on June 14, 2019. His daughter, Lucy was was born in November 2019.

Does Andrew Luck Have Cancer? Wife And Family – Health Illness Update

After his quick retirement, Luck dedicated himself to his family. When asked about what he did during his retirement, Luck revealed that he had been a full-time dad. Likewise, he hails from a well-do family from Washington.

He was born to a very supportive mother Kathy Wilson while his father Oliver Luck was the commissioner of the XFL. Aside from that, Mr. Oliver Luck also served as a former executive vice president for regulatory affairs at the NCAA, former quarterback (as well as athletic director) at West Virginia University, and a former NFL quarterback for the Houston Oilers.

Oliver Luck was general manager of two World League of American Football teams and then later became the president of the league. Thus, Andrew had spent his early childhood in London and Frankfurt, Germany. Born as the oldest of four children, his siblings are sisters Mary Ellen and Emily and a brother named Addison.