Desiet Kidane Tekeste has sadly died in a car accident – cause of death

What Happened to Desiet Kidane Tekeste? – How Did Desiet Kidane Tekeste Die? – Cause of Death

According to reports, one of Africa’s top cycling talents has untimely passed away. Desiet Kidane Tekestewas born in 2000.  She is of African descent and enjoys road cycling and she’s also a road cycling champion.

Societyalert is very sad to learn about her untimely passing at a very young age today November 9, 2021.

Friends and families are already paying tribute to her on their social media pages.

“With her constant smile, kindness, respect and deep passion for cycling, Desiet Kidane Tekeste was a rising young talent who will be greatly missed. Our thoughts are with her family, friends and @WCC_Cycling teammates and coaches during this tragic time.” said her colleague.

“I can’t believe it’s so early Desiet ( 20) What a bad news. I can’t believe it. Life is unpredictable. I can’t handle this disaster news. May her soul rest in peace with God. Desiet got hit by a car during her training yesterday. @WCC_cycling.” Said her coach and teammates.

Desiet Kidane Cause of Death

According to reports, Desiet Kidane Tekeste was killed by a driver while doing what she loves doing most, which is riding her bicycle.

Our sincere thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends. Listen to the page for a more detailed piece of information on this developing story.