Dennis Bryant Car Accident- What happened to Dennis Bryant?

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                                                        Is Dennis Bryant really dead?

Dennis Bryant Death – Obituary: Dennis Bryant aka DJ from Teledo, Ohio has been identified as the victim that died on Monday, 13, September 2021.

Societyalert got to know about his death on Tuesday, 14, September, 2021, at approximately, 9:00 a.m.

The circumstances surrounding his death has not been released by the officials currently.

Friends and well wishers in mourning spirit has taken to their social media timeline to express their grief and send their condolences to the family of the deceased.

According to Portia Lucke, “This has been a complete Nightmare, Dennis Bryant I’ll never understand WHY this had to happen to you guys. I’m so sorry Tee Bryant I’ll always be grateful for that frown that you turned into a smile Dennis I can truly say you loved & showed out for your Family from the day I met you I’ll always love you for that‼️

As for you Cousin, you said something to me this morning that broke my heart You said your Cousin don’t have a husband anymore‼️I know It hurts so bad, so deeply and I get it but the thing about it is you have something way greater A Guardian Angel Get your rest Dennis.”

“Man, I don’t know what to say. Dennis Bryant, we were literally standing at the gate at work last night, talking about the Browns game, and how this season was going to go. We stood there talking for like 15 minutes, then you clocked out at 8:30pm. We both said “Have a good night,” at the same time, and you said “See you later.” I said “You too.” I was the last person to speak to you at Jeep.
RIP brother.” Said John Mohr.

Michelle Veler said, “Woke up to see the news of another friend gone. Dennis Bryant aka DJ you were so cool to me the whole time I worked with you. My heart goes out to Tee you guys were living your dream and so freaking happy. Gonna miss our banter buddy!! Sad day for sure.”

Crystal Ann Small stated, “There is nothing worse than losing someone who you knew loved everything about life. Someone who you knew was genuinely happy…someone who deserved to live his life to the fullest….to grow old….to raise his family…the one he had JUST started…..Tee Bryant, I know there are no words that can take away the pain right now but honey, know that you have a HUGE support group and we are ALL here for you.

Dennis Bryant was and will always be one of my most favorite people I have had the privilege of being friends with……my heart breaks for us all and especially you, your son and the rest of his family(Jeep family included). Just know we are here for you and please, do not ever forget that”

Travis Toth Said, “RIP Dennis Bryant I didn’t know you like a brother but I did know you well enough to know you were one of the hardest working, loving and caring guy I have actually met in my life. I’m truly hurt this happened😭 my prayers and thoughts go out to your family, your wife and son anyone who was close to him family or friends my INBOX is open. We are all here for each other.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the deceased. May his soul rest easy.