Deidre Reid Missing – Help locate North Carolina mum

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Deidre Reid Missing – Authorities seeks help in finding 41 year-old North Carolina mum missing since early September.

Deidre Reid, 41 year-old has been reported missing from Charlotte. She was reportedly seen last on Friday, 3rdof September 2021 after she dropped off her kids at school.

The last known location of Reid was her Pageland residence and she was said to have been headed to the Greyhound bus station in Uptown Charlotte. She is believed to be with Emanuel Bedford, who lives in Georgia.

Jammie Avery, Reid’s sister said in an interview with WCNC “planning to meet my sister here in Charlotte after she dropped her son’s father off.” However, Reid’s three children and her siblings never heard from her thereafter. Concerned for her safety, they started looking up recent car accidents in a bid to figure out what may have happened to her. After 24 hours of disappearance, the family was able to file a missing person report with Pageland Police.
“We were on it, it didn’t take us long,” Avery said. “We knew right away … it’s one of those things where you have a gut feeling.”

Deidre Reid description:

The 41 year-old has been described as a female who has long brown hair and brown eyes. She is of medium build.

Distinctive features was given as a tattoo in her arm.

What are authorities doing to help find Deidre Reid?

The Pageland Police began search for the 41 year-old after she was reported missing. Areas where she was seen last and said to frequent are being searched.

The police are now appealing to the public to help find Reid.

Captain Shane Whitley said ‘he believes the pair made it to the Greyhound station in Uptown, but that’s where they lost Reid’s trail. The police captain said Bedford is neither a suspect nor a person of interest in the case at the time of writing.’

Has Deidre Reid been found?

There is no information at this time saying Reid has been found and she remains missing.

However, this post will be updated as soon as there is information stating otherwise.

$10,000 Reward:

A reward of $10,000 is being offered by Reid’s family to help find her. The reward is open to anyone that gives information that leads them to find her.

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