By Muhammad Atef | April 8, 2021

Death – Obituary, Cause Of Death

On this day, thirty years ago Per Yngve Ohlin A.K.A. “Dead” took his own life wi

On this day, thirty years ago Per Yngve Ohlin A.K.A. “Dead” took his own life with a shotgun. The unfortunate suicide became more infamous due to the fact that the image of the crime scene was used on the cover of Mayhem’s bootleg live album “Dawn of the black hearts” by Euronymous. Though he never appeared on any official albums, Dead is considered Mayhem’s most popular vocalist and is also considered one of the best black metal vocalists of all time. His impact on the metal genre will never be replicated. Rest In Peace Pelle. 1/16/1969 – 4/8/1991


Cause Of Death 

As the time of this publication on Societyalert, the  cause of death has not been learnt by us. Information regarding the cause of death or circumstances that led to this devastating passing would be made available once we learn about it.

The obituary announcement would be officially released by the family. This publication is made out of public concerns, expression of grieves and sympathy. Details of the deceased burials, funeral and other related ceremony would rightfully be published by the family of the deceased in their chosen online platform.

In lieu of flowers information would be given by the family of the deceased. We have not gotten hold of official statement on the death from the family.