Death – John Chikerotis Is Dead : Obituary, Funeral Arrangement

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John Chikerotis Death: Obituary – It is sad to announce the demise of John Chikerotis a Broward Sheriff officer who removed bad guys from our society and protected and helped good guys be better people.

people. He helped student-athletes grow as better athletes and better people. He was a coach and his teams won state championships.

Chikerotis was a loving husband, a caring father, and a good friend.

Gary Roskin posted on Facebook: “He was a tough guy and one of the funniest guys I know. It didn’t matter that we didn’t speak every day because when we did, no time has passed. I’m confident saying I will be one of the many here in Deerfield and in Chicago who will miss you John Chickerotis. Rest In Peace knowing even though you are not here, you are in our hearts, and just thinking of you will bring a smile to those who do Miss, you Buddy. Over and out.” 

Funeral Arrangement

A memorial for Chick will be at the north pavilion at Deerfield Beach this Wednesday at 6 pm.