Davion Slattery has died – What Happened To Davion Slattery?

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Christian Slattery Car Accident

Christian Davion Slattery Death – Obituray: Through a social media announcement, Societyalert got to know about the fatal vehicle accident that claimed the life of Davion Slattery on Tuesday, at approximately 9:21 a.m.

The circumstances surrounding his death was not disclosed by the officials at the moment.

This is a developing story, further updates will include whether speed and alcohol contributed to the accident, whether the deceased was wearing seat belt during the crash and more.

Davion Slattery was a beautiful soul, he will be greatly missed by people he positively touched their lives.

The friends and families, taken to different social media pages to post tributes and condolences to Davion Slattery‘s family.

Christopher Jets said, “I have no words This one killed me. Christian Davion Slattery I love you baby boy. Forever.”

According to Ryan McMillen, “Christian Davion Slattery, man this is a rough one, seeing you and catching up and talking every month or so for the past 10 years since high school and seeing the man that you became has been one of the single greatest things I have had the privilege to witness in my life.

Knowing you in high school and if you would’ve described to me the man you became I would’ve laughed. But I’m so blessed to call you my friend and to have grown with you in life. Save some drinks for the rest of us when we get to see you in heaven!!!! Love you buddy!!!”

“In shock and disbelief Heaven took another beautiful soul. Christian Davion Slattery I will always remember how funny, caring, compassionate and kind you were.

How when you smiled it was so contagious everyone around you smiled too, it was hard not to, or how your hugs were so comforting and you were so easy to talk to, or how your laugh sounded like sunshine on a rainy day. There are so many more things I could say because you were an amazing person.. you will always be greatly missed and never forgotten.” Said Lex Blackburn.

Our thoughts and prayers goes to the loved ones of the deceased. May his soul rest in peace!!