David Stone missing – What happened to David Stone

David Stone missng – Querries behind the disappearance of 29-year-old David Stone

Questions about the disappearance of 29-year-old David Stone who was reported missing, have sprang out after years of his disappearance.

Who was David Stone?

He was a successful stock market analyst from La Jolla, California, who reportedly went missing on October 28, 1988. He reportedly had anger issues that led him to attack his friend at his party after a brief argument.

What happened to David Stone?

It was stated that after this violent outburst with his friend, David told his friends and family about his behavior and said he ought to go on a walkabout to reflect on his conduct.

Deputy Sheriff Bill Cavaliere revealed that he had told his family will return in few days time which he never did.

Sightings of David Stone

He was sighted on the morning of Halloween 1988, when he walked into the desert, 145 miles east of Tucson, Arizona.

On the same day at dawn he was spotted by a farmer walking along a dirt road.

After the day the farmer met with him no other person found David until 5 days later when his car was spotted at New Mexico Highway 80, fourteen miles south of Roadforks.

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