David Spreen Death – Obituary, 1951-2021

By | December 27, 2021

David Spreen Death – Obituary – On Nov. 23, 2021 David Spreen passed away peacefully at home. Dave was a master mathematician and 11/23 is Fibonacci day, so it is a fitting day for his passing.

David Spreen was born in Trona, California to highly educated and well-respected father and a charismatic mother in 1951. He was the youngest of three brothers. Dave, Jeff, and Steve were the three amigos and had many adventures together. We all heard the story about creating a buzz around town when they left cards with a mysterious printer press symbol on them, secretly, at the local shops.

The symbol stood for the boy’s Winged V Motorcycle Club, which had found the printer press in an old abandon building. The boys also had fun experimenting with the chemicals their father, who was a chemical engineer, had brought home for them. One of Dave’s earliest memories was his mother waking him to see the light of atomic bomb testing in Death Valley, approximately 60 miles northeast of Trona. Growing up the family moved around and they lived in New York, Tennessee, and Nevada before coming back to California to Laguna Beach in 1963.

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