David Hausterman Missing – Help Find Missing Man From Florida

David Hausterman

David Hausterman 36-year-old has been declared missing.

Hausterman was last heard from on July 10, 2021 in Orlando, Florida leaves in the 5000 block of Westwinds Drive and was last heard from on Saturday July 10, 2021 , at about 6:00 am in Orlando, Florida when he called his son.

Orlando police asked for help in finding Hausterman, whose phone was turned off on Saturday July 10. He is described as 5’10 tall, with short brown hair, a beard, tattoos on both arms, shoulders, and ear gauges. He drives a dark blue Ford F-150 pickup.

 It is unlike him to not be in touch, and to miss 3 days work, which is the reason his family and friends are all so worried .
If anyone has information, please contact Orlando Police (Florida) at 321-235-5300 or tanner.johnston@orlando