Dario Herrera dead, after being hospitalized in a delicate condition for an acute picture of dengue

According to reports, Herrera kicked off his historic winning streak in the National Futsal Championship in 2009 with Cagazu, prior to his working together with President Franco in 2012, Horqueta (2013 and 2015). Paranaens (2014), amongst others.

It’s quite sad the Herrera’s death has been confirmed at the Manuel Riveros sanatorium in Ciudad del Este, where he’s been undergoing hepatitis treatment. According to “Sports Today”, the previous national team player was diagnosed with critical dengue, which resulted in organ failure, and was taken to the intensive care unit. President Franco Hall of the Football Federation confirmed that the man was “sober” and was seen at the Manuel Riveros Home for the aged in Ciudad del Este with his relatives and leaders of Sharon.

The multi-champion national salonista earned the Copa Libertadores with Cerro Porteno, his popularity surpassed FIFA Futsal, during the cause of his sickness, donations were made to match the cost of his treatment by the French Federation.

Our thoughts are with the family.