Daniel Robinson Missing Update – Father of Arizona missing man hires a private investigator to help find him

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Daniel Robinson Missing Update – Amidst police saying foul play is not suspected in the case of Arizona missing man father seems to think otherwise as he hires a private investigator.


Father of Missing man Daniel Robinson who went missing in June 23rd has now hired a private investigator to help find him.

David Robinson, father of the missing 24 year-old, missing from Arizona has reportedly been carrying out multiple search in the area along with volunteers to help find Daniel.

Daniel Robinson was last seen in his 2017 Jeep leaving the desert area west of Sun Valley Parkway just north of Cactus Road in Buckeye leaving a job on the Wednesday, June 23rd 2021.

David Robinson, his father traveled 2,000 miles from South Carolina to search for his son. David has planned to hire a private jet to aid the search for his son. “I ask God every day let him be safe, let me find him, I pray about that every morning, every night,” said his father.

Daniel Robinson description:

The 24 year-old man is described as a male who is approximately 5’8″ feet tall and is of medium build. He has black short hair and brown eyes.

Distinctive feature is given as an amputated hand as a result of an accident he had in the past.

The last known clothing description of Daniel was not given.

Jeff McGrath, a known private investigator has been hired as the family of the missing 24 year-old believes this will help get answers. David also reportedly said the police in charge of the case hasn’t been doing much to help find his son.

According to Jeff, one of the personal belongings of the missing Daniel Robinson has been found. The item found was said to be a sock of Daniel which was reportedly found 3 miles from where his vehicle was said to have crashed.

David who thinks there is more to his son’s disappearance amidst the police saying foul play is not suspected said “The problem is they think he wrecked his Jeep, undressed at the crash site, joined a monastery to become a monk, and it’s the theory they stand on no matter what.”

Daniel Robinson found:

At the time of this report, there is no information from authorities saying Daniel has been found so he remains missing until there is an information that states otherwise.

$10,000 to help find Daniel Robinson:

There is a reward of $10,000 to anyone who gives information that leads to finding the missing 24 year-old, Daniel Robinson.

The reward is still open and available to anyone who does the above.

Help find Daniel Robinson:

To help find the 24 year-old missing from Arizona, you can share this post on our Facebook and Twitter as this will help create awareness that he is still missing.

Anyone with information about Robinson or his whereabouts can call Buckeye police at 623-349-6400.

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