Daniel Robert Martinez killed in motorcycle accident

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Robert Snyder Death – Obituary: Daniel Robert Martinez has died in a fatal motorcycle accident.

Societyalert got to know about the news on Tuesday morning, at approximately 9:24 a.m.

The nature the accident that took his life has yet been released by the Authorities.

The initial investigation will be released and this report will be updated soon.

This is a developing story. Further details will include the cause of the accident, if alcohol and speed played role in the crash.

Erin Martinez Snyder, the brother of the deceased took to his Facebook page to express his grief by saying, “No one prepared me for the giant hole in my heart from the loss of my big brother. Daniel Robert Martinez was the first born and I was the baby of the family.

He was always kind and caring, loving and protective. When he was in law school I took care of his babies. When he finished law school and I finished high school he became my boss.

I saw him every work day for almost 12 years. It wasn’t until we knew he wasn’t coming home that I realised how much I love my brother. When Rob and I got married he gave the sweetest toast and when we became parents he became the best uncle.

When they were little, Logan and Ally would cry when it was time to leave Uncle Dan and Auntie Kiki’s house. My brother was an amazing man and we lost a bright light yesterday.
If you ever met my brother, please share something that you remember about him.”