Cynthia Walker Obituary – Cynthia Walker Cause of death

Cynthia Walker Death – Obituary : 65-year-old Cynthia Walker is dead, after being shot at a parking lot outside outside Willis Knighton – Bossier hospital

23-year-old Ramsey Akes has been charged in this incident. Preliminary investigation shows  Akes was in the red car, backed into a spot, and the female who was shot In the white one. Walker’s car was positioned in front of Akes car, lights still on, as if she had just pulled up when there was some sort of altercation that ended, police say, with Akes firing a weapon. No other investigative details have been released.

Is Cynthia Walker dead?

When I was there last night, on the ground I could see remnants of medical supplies used to save her life, a large backpack, and some sort of stick. As we reported last night, two officers were nearby, heard the shots, and were on scene rendering aid in moments while also detaining Akes. Worth noting, many hospitals have extensive security cameras inside and out. Certainly, detectives should have that to work with as well.

What happened to Cynthia Walker