Cynthia Walker Death – Suspect, victim identified in Bossier shooting

Cynthia Walker Death – Obituary : 65-year-old Cynthia Walker have been identified by the Bossier City Police detectives as the victim of Bossier City deadly, 23-year-old Ramsey Akes has also been identified as the suspect and have been charged for First Degree Murder.

Akes has been reportedly booked on a $275,000 bond. The Bossier City Police Department’s thoughts and prayers are with her family. Preliminary investigation show’s that Akes was in the red car, backed into a spot, and the victim in the white car. Walker’s car was positioned in front of Akes car, lights still on, as if she had just pulled up when there was some sort of altercation that ended with Akes firing a weapon, reports say.

No other investigative details have been released.