Crystal Rogers Missing – What happened to Kentucky woman?

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Crystal Rogers Missing – FBI search Bardstown subdivision in the case of Kentucky woman missing since July 2015?

Crystal Rogers went missing since July 3rd, 2015 and has been missing since then.

According to reports, the missing lady was seen last by her boyfriend Brooks Houck. The 35 year-old at the time was said to have left her home in her car and never returned.

Her last known contact was with her family which included her then boyfriend who she was leaving with and her kids. They said they had seen her playing games before going to sleep the night before she went missing and at the time they woke up she was gone.

Brooks was arrested as a suspect as the case went further. Her vehicle which was a Crystal’s 2007 Chevrolet was also found parked and had a flat tire. The vehicle was found by mile marker 14 of the Bluegrass Parkway. The keys were still in the ignition and her purse and cellphone were also found inside. She was officially reported missing by her mother, Sherry Ballard.

In July 2021, the case was handed over to FBI who conducted several searches in Bardstown, Kentucky connected to the disappearance of Crystal Rogers.

The FBI said on a Facebook post that “based on information collected over the last year in the federal investigation, it is conducting searches in the Woodlawn Springs subdivision of Bardstown.” They also said the case is its final stage and would soon be closed.

$100,000 dollars was offered in the case for anyone who gave relevant information that helps solve the case and leads to an arrest and conviction.

According to reports, searches are being carried out at Bardstown subdivision today the authorities are searching several properties in a subdivision where Brooks Houck — the ONLY suspect in the disappearance of Crystal Rogers- has several rental homes. We’ve seen tarps, shovels, and other equipment being brought out.

Anyone who information has been asked to call 911.