Craig Smith Motorcycle Accident – What happened to Craig Smith

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Craig Smith Death – Obituary : Craig Smith has passed away following injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident.

Soietyalert learned about the about the death of Craig Smith who has died in a motorcycle accident via a social meida post made by TJ Menlove

“Feeling heavy hearted and sad today with the loss of an amazing man, mentor, and good friend in Craig Smith. (Motorcycle Accident)
Words can’t express how much this man meant to me as we connected. The positive happy attitude to the amazing smile keeping everyone around him in a good space was his focus.
Sending love, light, and positive healing energy to his family & his son.
RIP Craig. Ride the heavens my friend! We all Will miss you greatly. 
His last written words of positive encouragement on Sept 4th shows his true character:
Life is a testimony of your accomplishments. Are you living your best life, or are you just going through the motions of just being present? Rather be the present to your life, a gift to your time and start creating the life you want and/or are meant to live. Stop holding yourself back from what you deserve. Evaluate where you currently are and where you want to be tomorrow, in a year, in five years. Are you on the right path? Are you making a plan to be followed like a road map? Create, accomplish while making your dreams come true; make your life come true! ~C.Smith; Daily Thoughts. 
Read through his Facebook profile and you’ll see so many more to blow you away with how great this man was!!!! “

The nature of the accident was not made known.