Cochran, Macon, What Happened To Ethan Fordham?

Ethan Fordham Motorcycle Accident

Ethan Fordham Death – Cause of Death : A fatal motorcycle accident has taken the life of Ethan Fordham on Tuesday, November 9, 2021, in Bleckley County.

The officials have not disclosed the circumstances surrounding the accident.

Authorities will soon release the information gotten from the initial investigation and this post will be updated.
Further updates regarding this accident will include whether speed and alcohol played role in the accident, whether the victim was wearing a helmet during the crash, and more.

Friends have taken to their social media handle to express their grief over the death of Ethan Fordham.

Reece Willingham posted, “It was just brought to my attention that a classmate of mine, Ethan Fordham, has recently passed away due to a Motorcycle Accident.
Also with the passing of JC Stewart and DeAndre Pitts from my class since our graduation. It’s made life more real than I would’ve ever wanted it to. These passings break my hearts, not only for their souls leaving.

But the souls of the loved ones they left behind. My condolences go out to their families and friends.
But I know they are in a better place, JC and Ethan will reunite again.

So with the sadness of their passing, I would like to shed an optimistic light on it. For my sake and everyone else. They are now with the Heavenly Father again, they don’t have to feel the pain of this world anymore. They can feel so much joy, and because of our wonderful Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. We can see them again!

I am so grateful for our Savior, Jesus Christ. He paid the ultimate price, so we can be with our Father in Heaven again! I ask you all to get to know Jesus Christ more, I promise you it will bring more happiness and joy into your life!”

Jersey Lynn wrote, “On 10/9/21 this Sweet boy made it to the pearly gates of heaven 🥺 every since I found out you had left us, I’ve been at lost for words but I’ve been trying my best to let your family know that you are safe now and not hurting. They really miss you so much Ethan.

I know we didn’t talk at all but I miss you too 😕 we’ve always had an off and on relationship, your mom even knows 😂 but I’m glad that I got close to the family Holly, Daniel, Gracie Jay Fordham Sonya (I haven’t meet Allie yet) this family really means a lot to me and I’m praying really hard for them Ethan.

Thank you for coming into my life and standing by me the whole time & for loving me the way you did 💕 we love you #LLE I love you guys and I’ll see y’all soon 😘 I’m here if y’all need me anytime Holly Fordham Varnadoe & Daniel Varnadoe.”

No further details regarding the crash. It is still under investigation.

Our condolences to the family and friends of Ethan Fordham.