Cleo Smith obituary – Australian authorities offer reward for clue

A 1 million Australian Dollar ($750,000)  has been offered as a reward by the Western Australian government for information that leads to the whereabouts of a 4-year-old girl missing for six days in a remote coastal area.

Cleo Smith vanished from her family’s tent at Blowholes campsite in Macleod, about 50 kilometers (30 miles) north of the town of Carnarvon, in the early hours of Saturday morning, according to Western Australian Police.
Search teams have been scouring rough terrain and nearby sea, but so far they have found no sign of the child or her black and red sleeping bag.
Police believe she was abducted or kidnapped.
“Given the information now that we’ve gleaned from the scene, the fact that the search has gone on for this period of time and we haven’t been able to locate her… that leads us to believe that she was taken from the tent,” Western Australia Police Major Crime Division Superintendent Rod Wilde said in a press conference Thursday.

“We’d imagined that we would have been able to locate her given the amount of resources and the detailed search that’s taken place.”
A day earlier, detectives said they held “grave concerns” for Cleo’s safety, as they believed the zipper used to open the tent was too high for her to reach.

Western Australia’s Premier Mark McGowan and Police Minister Paul Papalia announced a reward Thursday for information that leads to Cleo, or to the arrest and conviction of the person or people involved in her disappearance.
When it became clear she had vanished, they phoned police.
Search teams concentrated on the water first, then switched to land, searching a number of shacks located along the coastline at the campsite. Nothing was found.

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