Clairo is dead? Whats happened? – Where is clear now?

By | January 11, 2022

Clairo is dead? Whats happened? Lorde’s musical comeback is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated musical events of 2021. After almost 4 years of waiting, it finally came true with the release of Solar power, the song is just a preview of all the material in the that Lorde has been working all this time.

Like a New Zealander’s best bet, this new song features the best team in its creation. Names that every self-respecting music lover will know, such as the names of Jack Antonoff (in production) or Phoebe Bridgers (in harmonies), and as choristers, after becoming an icon for a new generation of musicians, because TikTok: Clairo, she is There is more talk than ever in recent months.

The American, whose real name is Claire Elizabeth Cottrill, has gone viral in the last months of 2020 thanks to her song Sofia hers. Although it was originally released a year ago, the real success came when the thousands of users of the social network began using it to form a beautiful duet with their partner or platonic lover (in reruns, of course). But where did its creator come from?

During her adolescence she had her first contact with music through home acoustic recordings. In it, she shares covers of her own compositions and existing songs, uploading them to her SoundCloud profile (called DJ Baby Benz) and to a YouTube channel. To this day, she continues to post the latest version of her on it.

Without any record of buffering, Claro saw some of the songs he shared on the internet go viral after accumulating millions of copies in a short period of time. Flamin ‘Hot Cheetos is the name of the first song that the young woman dared to record and produce in her way in 2017. She received her name from the famous spicy sweet and posed in the photo with the original video.

A few months later a success will arrive that is still remembered: beautiful girls. With him she seems to have foreseen the return to the sound phenomenon of the eighties that we witnessed last year, thanks to the tactile sensation that the keyboard brings to her instruments. If there is something better than the song, it is the original video of her, recorded in days when she looked “ugly” and she did not even want to get up, according to the artist herself.

“I’m wide awake so you can say: LOL”, she wrote in the description of the piece. Her musical style is often defined as lo-fi, although she has repeatedly refused to put all of her work under one label. In 2019, Claro released her first album, Immunity, from the hand of a record label affiliated with the cultural magazine The Label, giving a definitive boost to her musical career. Among them are songs like the aforementioned Sofía or Bolsas, which is one of his most acclaimed songs.

Clairo is dead? Whats happened? – Where is clear now?

The two songs have something in common, and that is where the artist recounts her experiences when she was attracted to another girl. A year ago, she tweeted that BOMD (short for “Boy of My Dreams”, another of her songs) is also GOMD (“Girl of My Dreams”). Later, as a result of her public interactions with LGTBI personnel, she assured that she had the necessary security, although she had previously carried out some actions to support the group.

Also in 2019, she teamed up with the indie rock band Wallows on the song Are you bored yet ?, which was later widely used by Instagram users in her stories. Yes, we have said that her participation in the latest Lorde issue is a way of giving back to New Zealanders. Because the same day Solar power was released, Clairo released another song from her repertoire at the same time, and she also had Lorde in her backing vocals. It’s called Blusa, and it’s the first time we’ve known that Claire Cottrill’s second album Sling will be out on July 16.