Chris Marble OKC Accident, What Happened To Chris Marble?

Chris Marble Car Accident

Chris Marble Death – Cause of Death : Through a Social media announcement, SocietyAlert found out about the car accident that claimed the life of Chris Marble.

The accident happened on Saturday morning, November 6, 2021.

According to initial report, Marble’s car was moving southbound on the northbound side of the highway when for an unknown reason, he hit head-on with another vehicle.

Marble and his two dogs got injuries from the crash. Marble later succumbed to his injuries.

There is no information regarding the occupant of the other involved vehicle.

Family and friends in the mourning spirit expressed their grief on their social media page.

Vivian Marble; Chris Marble’s wife wrote on his husband’s Facebook page saying, “This is Vivian Marble. My heart is in a million pieces as I write this post. I lost my hubby, my best friend, my lover, my leader, and my business partner. He passed away in a car accident Saturday morning.

A car driving southbound on the northbound side of the highway hit him head-on. My dogs were also badly injured. My sweet little family was in that car, both of my dogs were hospitalized and one of my dogs is having surgery today. My brain can’t still comprehend or believe that my Chris is gone. I still need him. We had so many plans, dreams, and goals.

We had envisioned great things for the kingdom of God and for the people we serve and I am at a loss for what happened. Ours is the most beautiful story of love that God gifted us and I am so grateful for my Chris.

His main goal in our marriage was to love me and make me happy. He was a hopeless romantic and yes, he continued that after 12 years of marriage. I miss his cheesiness, his hugs, his voice, his leadership, his silliness. He showed me a life I didn’t know existed. He taught me so many things and he left himself imprinted in me. I will forever love him and I will forever cherish his love. Please pray for me as the Holy Spirit leads me now.”

The crash is still under investigation by the police.