Chris Ho’s Death, What Happened to him?

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Pop Culture Personality Chris Ho has died due to Stomach Cancer                                                                                                                                                                                                Chris Is Chris Ho Dead? Cause of Death

With so much sorrow and sadness, we announce the death of a legend. Music legend and pop culture personality Chris Ho has died on Monday September 27.

Chris Ho’s Death

According to reports, Chris Ho has died on Monday September 27. at 4:37 AM. The deceased battled with stomach cancer for two years, until his death he was agile to the very end.

Chris Ho’s Death’s Social Media Reactions

His sympathizers took to their Facebook page to express their griefs, “one of the posts read that he’ll be deeply missed”. it also announced that people who wish to sympathize with them with them may come to Singapore Coffin House on Monday night, those who couldn’t meet up might as well visit on Tuesday to Thursday. he was famous in the local arts and entertainment industry. Chris Ho’s age in the obituary was said to read “Always 27” as the true age doesn’t matter to anyone.

The film producer and music critic, led a band established in the 1980’s called Zircon Lounge. The band was said to have set a new a wave in Singapore’s music industry among avant-garde genres. Nite songs and No Ordinary country were released in the last two decades among others.

Chris Ho’s Career.
Up until he passed away, the deceased co-hosted the weekday radio show “Homestretch” on MediaCorp’s GOLD905 with HO. As an ardent writer he published many books which included Skew Me U Rebel, Meh?. According to sources the deceased worked at Rediffusion, Lush 99.5 and Radio Singapore International, he also contributed to the now-defunct independent music magazine Bigo. Our thoughts are with the family.