Chad Austin Missing – What happened to Chad Austin?

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Remains of Chad Austin, Buena Vista man reported missing found.

Chad Austin, 20 years-old was seen last on the 27th of May, 2019. He was last seen wearing a gray tank top and cargo shorts. He was driving a silver 2006 Hyndai which was later found abandoned with his Dog who he was travelling with.

The Skeletal remains of the 20 year-old were found in the Panther Falls area last March have been positively identified as Chad Austin. “Police said the Buena Vista Police Department’s investigation regarding the May 2019 disappearance of 30-year-old Chad Austin recently led investigators back to the greater Panther Falls area where they found Austin’s remains in March.”

Special Agent K.A Zirkle said “from the outset, the investigators assigned to this case recognized the distinct possibility that Chad would not be found alive, Because of that, this case has been handled as a homicide investigation from the very beginning. That means that while we have been diligently searching for Chad with the hopes of finding him safe and well, investigators with the Buena Vista Police Department and state police have been collecting and documenting evidence and information that would explain how he died, and who could be responsible for Chad’s death. Make no mistake, much headway has been made in the last year. As unfortunate as this development is, finding Chad’s remains allows us to now focus exclusively on the circumstances leading to his death.”

A Facebook group tagged ‘Justice For Austin’ was created to help solve the case which is now treated as an homicide group. The group keeps hope alive as justice be served for the deceased man. The group has a message for the person responsible for Austin’s death “You have NOT gotten away with anything”.

Anyone who knows something that can help solve the case has been asked to call 911.