Cassie Compton Missing – Girl in TikTok video not missing Arkansas girl but Harley Philips

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Cassie Compton Missing – Harley Philips speaks up saying she is not Arkansas girl missing since September , 2014.

Delaware, ARKANSAS – Cassie Compton, 15 year-old was reported missing from Stuttgart, Arkansas. She was said to have been seen last in September 14th, 2014.

Cassie Compton was said to have just returned home after spending time with her friends at Demolition Derby Event. She was said to have left shortly after she returned home saying she was going to the store.

The 15 year-old has now been missing for almost 7 years and will now be 22 years-old.

Haley Grace Philips  missing:

A Tik Tok video showed a girl Harley who was suspected to be Cassie who has been missing since September 2014. A video of Hailey surfaced online which showed her bruised and with two men in a vehicle. There was a strong resemblance to Cassie.

However, Hailey came out and said it was all rumors and she wasn’t the missing girl.

Haley made a video explaining she wasn’t Cassie and wasn’t missing either. She said “Thank you, everybody, for worrying … and also thank you for making me post a picture of me with my recovering black eyes. I was robbed this weekend. I’m fine. Okay? I am not kidnapped, And this my phone and I am real and this is a real account. So, everyone stop bothering me…I don’t know who this Cassie b**** is, I am Haley Grace, and I’m fine.”

Search for Cassie Compton:

Extensive search has been carried out over the years for the girl but there is still no answers to the question that raises in the heart of many.

Authorities also asked the help of the public in finding Cassie.

In 2018, an age progression picture which captures how then 19 year-old should look. This was done so as to help in the search of the girl. However, there is still no information on the whereabouts of the girl.

The family of the girl along with the police are asking help in finding their own. They urge anyone who knows something to speak up.

Cassie Compton description:

Cassie was described as a White female who is 5’3″ feet tall and weighs about 100 pounds. She was said to have blonde hair and blue eyes.

Distinctive features were given as  a Heart” shape Birthmark on her arm and also has a scar across her left cheek.

Cassie Compton Found:

According to reports, Cassie has not been found and is still considered a missing person.

What can you do to help find Cassie Compton?

To help find Cassie you can help share this post on our Facebook and Twitter as this will help create awareness that Cassie is still missing.

Anyone who has information on the whereabouts of Cassie Compton has been asked to contact Stuttgart Police Department 1-870-673-1414 or call 911.

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