Bystanders film as man shots, kills girlfriend in Atlanta

Courtney Cox Death – Obituary : Bystanders failed to alert 911, but instead filmed on their phone as a man shots and kills his girlfriend.

32-year-old Jarvis Jarrette went from balcony to balcony at the Atlanta high-rise where he shot Courtney Cox, who he began dating over the summer.

Reports say the suspect engaged cops in a gun battle before turning the weapon on himself.

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said during a news conference, Just a reminder to the public to please call 911.

We did start receiving phone calls but social media received information, and has received more information, quite frankly, than we have received through our 911 center.’

‘So for us to be able to appropriately respond and assess, we just ask if you can put down your camera, put down your phone, call 911 and then allow us to do what we do.’

Police Chief Rodney Bryant said authorities recovered multiple firearms from Jarrette in their investigation and they were able to locate him using.

It comes just days after passengers stood by and filmed as a man raped a woman on a Philadelphia train.

Police say that as many as 10 bystanders on the train did nothing but pull out their phones to film as Fiston Ngoy sexually assaulted the stranger.