Brittney Wood Missing – What happened to Alabama woman?

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Brittney Wood Missing – The case of Brittney Wood was featured in today’s series of  new true crime documentaries, ‘Monster in the Shadows’ 

US, Alabama – The Real-Life Story Behind the Peacock True Crime Series. The story of Brittney Wood who has been missing for 9 years from Alabama.

Brittney went missing on the 31st of May 2012. She was said to have been seen last in the area of Tillman Corner, Alabama enroute to Styx River. Her last known clothing was a blue jean shorts, blue t-shirt, white flip-flops & carrying a pink / teal blue tote bag.

Brittney Wood was 19 year-old at he time she went missing was described as a White female who is 5’1″ feet tall and weighs 105 pounds. She was said to have dirty blonde/brown hair and brown eyes.

The Authorities said reports gotten was that Brittney had gone to see her uncle after she left her residence where she was staying with her mother. She was believed to have been headed to Quimby drive.

Over the years, various search was carried out for Brittney but it turned up nothing.

An Age progression picture was done which the authorities believed would help in the search Brittney who has now been missing for 9 years. The picture was released last year, it showed how the 27 year-old Brittney might look like.

According to reports, the release of the picture brought in new leads in the case which led to the MCSO getting a search warrant for 11070 Ramsey Blvd. in Grand Bay, where it a unit working with a dog reported “hits” by the dog. That in turn led to a warrant for a dig, which began on Monday.

“By midday Tuesday, no discoveries had been made public. Paul Burch said that investigators had begun digging with hand tools on Monday but had been interrupted by rainy weather. When work resumed on Tuesday, he said, heavy equipment had to be brought in to deal with debris piles including heavy chunks of concrete and machinery. With those out of the way, he said, work was to resume with hand tools on Tuesday afternoon.”

On Thursday, 26th of August ‘Monster in the Shadows’ featured the case of Brittney in ‘The Real-Life Story Behind the Peacock True Crime Series.’

According to the The Real-Life Story Behind the Peacock True Crime Series, it stated some facts in the case which includes “Chessie and Eric Winberg, the former detective for Baldwin County who led the case, believe Brittney was picked up by her uncle Donnie Holland, and was driven to a house where he was staying on Water World Road near Styx River. Cell phone records gathered by detectives working on the case also place Brittney at Donnie’s property.

According to a facebook post, “Monster in the Shadows” will be available for viewing on NBC’s Peacock streaming service starting Thursday, Aug. 26, 2021.”