Brian Delaney Death, Brian Delaney has passed away, Cause of death

By | January 8, 2022

Brian Delaney Death, cause of Death: The death of Dundee-based comic artist and painter Brian Delaney was announced last October, a creator whose many credits included work for DC Thomson’s Jackie magazine, some Diana annuals, Buddy and Mandy, IPC’s Misty, School Fun, and more, but it’s taken me a while, unfortunately, to assemble some of his work in tribute.

Dundee’s The Courier carried a tribute to the artist, who was 82, who sadly fell victim to Alzheimer’s.

Brian studied art under Alberto Morrocco, head of the school of painting, at the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, and began working for DC Thomson in 1961.

“Dad also like to remind us that he paved the way for the Tavern Bar in Hawkhill becoming something of an art school institution in the 1960s and 1970s, his son, Evan, noted. “His sister Marlene was married to Bert McIntosh, the landlord.”

His credits for DC Thomson included strips for Buddy, Diana, Mandy, Patches, Romeo and TOPS (later, TV TOPS) – and he worked on many strips for rival publisher Fleetway, too

Although best known for his girls comics work, his skill as an artist crossed different styles. When DC Thomson artist Dudley D Watkins passed away in 1969, Brian was mooted as his replacement to be entrusted with drawing “Oor Wullie” and “The Broons”, but was considered too valuable by his department and remained in position.

When Jackie magazine was at the height of its popularity, Brian illustrated its celebrity stories, his strength being in recreating likenesses, seen also in his work for the “Super Personality Series” for Buddy, where he also drew “Tom Smith’s Schooldays”.

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