Body found in Scott County – Unidentified body found in search of missing person

Body found in Scott County – Authorities find the body of an unidentified female during the search for missing Mary Haralson from Scott County.

A press release by the Scott County Coroner‘s Office said that an unidentified body was found in the search of the missing woman from Scott CO., Mary Haralson.

The police were carrying out an extensive search using K-9 units and other search teams when a body was found hanging along a tree line. The deceased body is said to be a female whose identity is still unknown at this time.

The cause of death of the woman has not been given as investigation is currently ongoing into the cause and manner of death.

The police are also asking the help of the public in identifying the deceased female.

Mary Haralson misisng:

Mary was last seen the night of Friday, 5th of November 2021, and has not been seen since then. She was last seen at a hurt Newar water and Deer stand.

Report says she was spotted on Trail Cam and the police have been doing all they can to find her. The family of Mary has been worried about her disappearance and is hoping she is found safe soon.

A Facebook post by Lisa Gillespie reads “Please pray for this sweet lady. She is my client…my heart is breaking for her family. I know they are scared and worried about her.”

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Anyone with information that can help find her should please call 911.

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