Billy Barnett is dead, What happened to Billy Barnett?

Billy Barnett Motorcycle Accident – Cause of Death : Through a Facebook post made by Nick Tapp, SocietyAlert learnt of the motorcycle accident that happened on Wednesday, November 10, 2021 which claimed the life of Billy Barnett.

“Embrace the everyday ordinary moments. I saw Billy Barnett a few weeks ago and gave him an awkwardly long hug, and gooeyed his cheek with such a sloppy kiss that he had to use his shirt sleeve to wipe away my slobber. And I’m so thankful that I did.

We all lost Billy today in a motorcycle accident. And if you knew Billy, you know how much of a loss this is. He was a teddy bear of man, but much more teddy than bear. His goofy chuckle was as common as it was contagious. I’ve known Billy for over 20 years and can’t remember seeing him be angry or mean to anyone. The only time he ever annoyed me was this one night in Jacksonville when I was trying to sleep and he and Fitch were being obnoxiously loud. I can probably count all of the completely pure hearted people I’ve ever met using my hands and a couple of toes, and Billy is among them. Billy was love.

Tonight, and for forever, I am heartbroken for his entire family. I’ve been lucky enough to be welcomed by 4 generations of the family into their hearts and homes for countless gatherings surrounded by laughter and joy and love. But most of all: their endless kindness. Billy was kind.
The Barnett/Cangemi/Albertelli/Browning family has enriched so very many lives through kindness, and have also given so generously to so very many, and they have never asked for anything in return. Billy was generous.

I am angry that a family as selfless as theirs has had such a significant and special part of it so suddenly taken away. Billy was special.
But in the end words are just words, and kindness is the only thing that matters. And this family matters to more people than they know. And on behalf of all of those people: thank you. And we love you. And we are here for you.
And we will spread that same kindness that you all have shown us as far as our hundreds of hearts can spread it. And we’ll do it as our thank you to you, and we’ll do it for Billy”.

Visitation has been scheduled for Friday November 12, from . 5-8pm at Jones-Wynn Funeral Homes & Crematory, 306 Westview Dr, Villa Rica, GA 30180. While service in his honour will hold on Saturday November 13 at 10am in Lifegate Church Villa Rica. 501 Permian Way, Villa Rica, GA 30180.

Billy Barnett’s obituary will be released by his family. Our heartfelt condolences are with his family