Barbara PetersWhat Happened to Barbara Peters in Chicago?

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Barbara Peters Missing – Missing Round Hill woman located safe in Chicago

What happened to Barbara Peters?

According to detectives, Barbara Peters, 40-year-old was reportedly missing in Loudoun, where she was last seen on July 24, 2021 but reports also stated that she was sighted on July 26 in Maryland and was believed to be heading to Chicago.

Barbara Peters located safe

In a statement by a Facebook providing updates on the missing person’s case, on August, 8, 2021, read thus “We do not have very many details at this time, but what we do know is that God has answered our collective prayers, Law enforcement confirmed with us, this morning, that she has been found safe in Chicago .The next objective is to bring her home. From now on, my family will be focused on ensuring Barbara’s safe return home. Therefore, we will discontinue daily updates, but will post any significant events leading to Barbara’s return home.”

The family and the police are extremely grateful for Public assistance and encourage everyone to be alert and careful of their loved ones safety and whereabout. And to also report any activity that seem unusual around your surrounding to the nearest police.