Barbara Doyle Missing – What happened to Bella Vista woman?

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Barbara Doyle Missing – Remains found suspected to be that of Bella Vista woman missing from a City in Arkansas, US states. 

US, Arkansas – The authorities has said this morning that the remains found in the woods near the Presbyterian Church of Bella Vista matches the description of Barbara Doyle.

Barbara Doyle, 74 year-old was reported missing from Bella Vista, Arkansas on Thursday, 12th of August 2021. She was reportedly seen on Sunday, August 8th walking out of Brookfield Assisted Living Center in Bella Vista, Arkansas.

The 74 year-old is described as a White female who is approximately 5’0″ feet tall and weighs about 125 pounds. She has short white hair and brown eyes. Her last known clothing hasn’t been given. She is said to constantly wear glasses.

The Bella Vista Police Department asked the help of the public in finding the missing woman, a Silver Alert was also issued to help find her.

Thirteen days after Barbara Doyle went missing in Bella Vista, the community held a candlelight vigil to pray for her safe return.

Doyle was said to suffer from Dementia and this makes her disappearance worrisome. Her last known clothing was said to be a grey short sleeved sweater, black jeans and black glasses and had a strap around her neck.

The community gathered at St. Bernard Church Wednesday, Aug. 25 to pray the rosary and support Doyle’s family.

With every bead on the rosary, and every candlelight flickering, Florence Hogan said the community is praying for Doyle’s safe return.

“We feel that she is a part of us as part of our community. It’s a personal thing. Even though she is not related to us by blood, it’s personal, it really is,” Hogan said.

On Wednesday, 25th of August same day as the candle light service was held, the Bella Vista police found human remains in the woods n the woods near the Presbyterian Church of Bella Vista on Wednesday, Aug. 25. Police said the remains were found during a planned ground search.

According to a news release, the police said the remains that was found appears to be consistent with the description of Doyle. The 74-year-old woman disappeared on Aug. 12 from Brookfield Assisted Living.

Bella Vista Police Chief James Graves said no foul play is suspected and the scene remains under investigation.

$10,000 dollar reward is now been offered to anyone who gives information that leads directly to finding the 74 year-old.

This post will be updated as soon as the police confirms the remains to be that of the missing 74 year-old, Barbara Doyle.