Babita Deokaran 53, whistleblower shot and killed

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Babita Deokaran death – obituary, cause of death : Babita Deokaran 53,has been declared dead. She died on 23 August 2021.

Babita was returning home from dropping her daughter off at school when another vehicle pulled alongside hers, waited for her to park her car and fired multiple shots at her as she parked in front of her house in Johannesburg South, Gauteng Province, South Africa resulting in her death.

Her shooting and death have sparked wild outrage and cause significant controversy all over south Africa, as she was an anti-corruption whistleblower and the lack of protection afforded to her by the state.

The whistleblower was a senior official within the Gauteng Provincial Government Department of Health, reports have it that her death was linked to a corrupt COVID-19 PPE procurement scandal to the value of R332 million (equivalent to US$ 20 million) within the Gauteng Provincial Department of Health.

Officials from Special Investigative Unit confirmed that Deokaran was a key witness in the investigation to expose a syndicate setup to befit from state corruption. She had been on special leave for more than a year prior to her death whilst the investigation was underway.

Seven suspects had been arrested in connection with the murder of senior Gauteng health department finance. police recovered two firearms and two vehicles. According to reports, Police spokesperson Col Brenda Muridili said “the Gauteng serious and violent crimes unit, with Johannesburg K9, Johannesburg East Crime Intelligence, Fidelity Specialised Services and Community Active Protection, received information and conducted a takedown operation of the suspects in Johannesburg”.

She said during the arrests police recovered two firearms and two vehicles.

“The team of experienced investigators caught a break in the case when they received information from Crime Intelligence officers that led to the arrest of the suspects.” Muridili said the Hawks were investigating the murder and the suspects would appear in court soon.

“I am confident the Hawks will work tirelessly to ensure justice is served,” said Sitole.

Deokaran’s sister, Renu Williams, said in a post on Facebook: “In other parts of the world honesty is applauded and celebrated. Accolades are showered on you. You are a hero.

“This is my sister Babita Deokaran. She was rewarded for being an honest, hardworking and loyal government employee by having twelve bullets pumped into her. She had no chance, the perpetrators did not want to scare her. They wanted to eliminate her.

“Where in the world is that OK and acceptable? Where in the world are you punished in such a heinous way for doing your job and doing it honestly?

“My sister was not just a number in the government system. She is a treasured mum, a sister, an aunt, a friend and a colleague. She is loved more than anything and now a family is literally shattered.”