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Anwar Akbur missing – Death – Obituary – Cause of death:  What happened to missing London man, Anwar Akbur?

LONDON, England – The partner of Anwar who is a Southgate/ North Londoner took to social media on Sunday to declare him missing. However, another post made on social media suggests he was later found deceased.

John Barton tweeted “Please help and share if you can. My friend’s fella Anwar has been missing since yesterday.”

Anwar’s last known contact was with his partner via a video chat the evening of Saturday, October 24th, 2021.

According to report, she said in a tweet “I video chatted with him on Sat eve, he seemed fine but tired (London based). He isn’t at our home & likely has a black Herschel rucksack. Any help would be hugely appreciated.”

Anwar description:

The description given for Anwar said he is a male who is of medium build. He has brown hair and brown eyes.

The last known clothing description of Anwar was not given. No distinctive features or birthmarks were given.

Anwar death:

According to multiple social media posts, Anwar was found deceased and has now been confirmed dead.

The cause of death of Anwar remains unknown and further details have not been made available.

Veronica Harnett tweeted early this morning “I’m so sad to hear this outcome. I’m off the funeral of a dear friend who was missing and took his own life so am with you in solidarity. Lost my brother to suicide in May too. It’s heartbreaking. Sending love to you and all Anwar’s friends and family x.”

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