Angela Caniglia Missing – Update: Body of woman missing since Sunday found

Angela Caniglia Missing – Body Found – Death – Obituary – Authorities say the body of Angela Caniglia was found in Scordia. she is the third victim of a flood.

The 61-year-old woman who had been missing for four days due to the storm that hit the town of the Piana di Catania.

Yesterday her jacket was found in a citrus grove in the Leonella district, in an area not far away where the body of her husband, 67-year-old Sebastiano Gambera, had been recovered three days ago.

The couple had been overwhelmed by the fury of the water on the street on 25 October.

Angela body was found in an agricultural land, about two kilometers as the crow flies from the point where her husband was found, in the Abate district, territory of the Municipality of Scordia, and about 7 km as the crow flies from the place. of the accident.

The mayor of Scordia, Francesco Barchitta, said after hearing the news of the discovery of the body of Angela Caniglia. “Even today a black day for the city and the community of Scordia which finds itself not only facing a critical situation of particular calamity but unfortunately, this time, of a calamity that once again affects the human being, those around us, the our fellow citizens. This is the drama in the tragedy,

He also said “At this precise moment, we had prepared the documents, now they can be formalized on Monday there will be the funeral and Scordia has prepared the city mourning”.