Amy Bradley found – Amy Bradley missing update 2021

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Amy Bradley found – The Disappearance of Amy Bradley.

Sweden, NETHERLANDS – Amy Bradley was said to have been abducted On March 24, 1998.

According to reports, she was said to have gone missing from a cruise ship which was headed to Curacao from Aruba. At first, her disappearance did Amy not generate the same media response precipitated by other cruise ship disappearances,
However, after a while the mysterious circumstances of her case and repeated accounts of her being sighted throughout the Caribbean have elevated the mystery surrounding her fate to a high-profile incident.

Amy was said to have bee on a ship cruise with her family. Her children were enjoying the cruise when the ship docked in Curacao after visiting Aruba.

The family had reportedly attended a dinner party on the upper deck of the ship. ‘Amy and Brad both danced until the early morning hours, and Amy was seen dancing with a band member on a ship disco dance floor. However, both Brad and Amy entered their stateroom between 3:30 and 4 am.’

After the party, when her husband woke up around 6 am, Amy was reportedly gone. Her cigarettes and a lighter she was with was also missing but other of her belongings were intact. She clearly intended to leave briefly, as she did not even bring shoes, identification, or any other important items with her.

There has been so many theories surrounding her disappearance but none has brought answers as to what happened to Amy as she still remains missing till date.

Amy was reportedly sighted in Barbados in 2015 however it wasn’t confirmed that the person was her as authorities following the lead found nothing confirming the sightings.

The family of Bradley was also said to have been scammed of Over $200,000 by a fake sightings that matched her description.

In late 2010, probably as a result of environmental turmoil caused by Hurricane Tomas, a human jaw bone washed up on a beach in Aruba. It was quickly determined to have no connection to Natalee Holloway, another woman who had disappeared around the same time.

Authorities thought it was that of Amy but a forensics done proved otherwise.

Amy Bradley found:

At the time of this reports the authorities has not confirmed that Bradley was found and she is still considered a missing person.

Amy Bradley 2021 update:

There has not been a recent development this year in the case of Bradley.