Amira Elhossieni Missing – Help find girl missing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Amira Elhossieni Missing  –  The police are worried for the welfare of Amira, And are urging the public to help with the search to locate her.

Amira has been missing since 5th September, She was last in contact with family and friends on 27th August and her whereabouts have been unknown to them ever since.

source says that Amira has not been online in any of her social media since then and her phone is shut off.

Amira is believed to be in the Philadelphia/Kensington area.

Description of Amira Elhossieni:

Sex – Female

Weight – 120 pounds

Height – 5’6″ tall

Hair – Curly brown hair worn up

Amira has multiple Ear piercing, Nostrils and Tongue piercing, No tattoos and permanent scars.

sources say she may likely to be on foot, She has no vehicle under her name.

Anyone with information regarding Amira Elhossieni whereabouts is asked to call the police on 911 or 101.