Ali Dar Obituary – Death Cause of Kingston Man’s Death

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Ali Dar of Kingston Obituary – Death

Ali Dar Life:

The death of Ali Dar came as a shock to friends, family and loved ones. Ali passed away on the September 1, 2021. This is such a sad time for the family and loved ones Ali has left behind. Ali Dar was a former Queen’s Football Golden Gaela, friend, brother, husband and loving father, among many great things. We commiserate with the bereaved at a time like this.

Cause of Ali Dar’s death

Ali Dar of Kingston passed away after suffering from a heart attack September 1, 2021. Nothing prepares a person for the loss of a loved one and so at a dire time like this, we extend our warmest condolences to the family of the deceased.

Tributes and condolences.

Here are some of the tributes made to his memory since he passed.

”It is with heavy hearts we announce the passing away of Ali Dar, son of Mr and Mrs Anjum Dar. We belong to God and to Him we must return. We keep Ali’s wife Patti, his young children, parents, brothers and all the extended family in our prayers….”

”RIP Ali Dar, former Queen’s Football Golden Gael who passed away from a heart attack yesterday, far too young. Condolences to his family, including younger brother Affan Dar also a Gael, and cousin Muhammad Butt a former football Gael videographer, all from Kingston….”

Funeral Arrangements

”Nimaz – e- Janaza of our dearest brother Ali Dar, son of Anjum Dar, Shama Dar, brother of Assam, Affan, Hamza, Hassan and Husband of Patricia Dar will be held tomorrow September 3rd, 2021 at ICK {Masjid} at 1:45pm following Jummah Prayer Insha Allah.

All friends and members of the community are requested to come to the mosque to offer their condolences and to make Dua for his Maghfirat after burial at 3:15 pm on wards. Please ensure to wear your masks at all times, follow social distancing and keep Covid-19 restrictions in mind.
It is humbly requested that please pay your respects at the Masjid only and do not come to the family home due to the Covid-19 restrictions.
Thank you,
Anjum Dar, Shama Dar, Assam, Affan, Hamza, Hassan and Patricia Dar….”