Alexis Villagomez Dies In Stockton CA Motorcycle Accident

Alexis Villagomez Death – Obituary : Ana Villagomez has died after her motorcycle collided with a vehicle in Stockton, California on Wednesday, November 3, 2021.

“Ana Villagomez I’m praying for you , Emily, chuchi, Selena , Rosa , Jesse and the whole family . Y’all was my second family , santos took me in when I was going through drama at home. That was my Mexican family. Alexis Villagomez was our pigeon  my heart is hurt because I couldn’t imagine loosing one of my baby sisters. I know it’s been some time but I love y’all and never stopped. Anna was my bestfriend since 7th grade , I love her family like my own ! Member that time we all went to Vacaville, and aburn to visit you dad side smh I love y’all sooo much I’m praying … I’m tired of losing people this one hurt”

“till can’t believe it seems so unreal first grandmas passing now you why ..cousin we are all gonna miss you so much!! RIP Beautiful Alexis Villagomez”

Circumstances surrounding the motorcycle accident are not known at this time accident as authorities are yet to release official statement concerning the incident. This is a developing story.