Alexandra Morales missing – found dead – R.I.P Alexandra Morales

Alexandra Morales missing – Death – Cause of death: Missing Benefield Elementary School teacher found dead in Mexico. 

GEORGIA, US State – Alexandra Morales, a 24-year-old who is a school teacher at Benefield Elementary School has now been found dead. She was last seen on Saturday, October 30th, 2021 in Mexico.

According to report, she was said to have been attending a concert in Zapopan, Mexico, which is near Guadalajara, and was not heard from after then. Her family reported her missing when she failed to return home.

Alexandra Morales description:

Age – 24

Sex – Female

Race – White

Height – 5’5″ feet

Weight – 140 pounds

Eyes – Brown

Hair – Blonde

Distinctive features: A small scar on her left eyebrow and a Camella flower tattoo on her back.

Alexandra Morales death:

According to a press release by the authorities, Alexander has now been found dead in Mexico. A confirmation from her brother said her body was found on Tuesday, November 9th, 2021.

A parent of one of the kids she taught said “My heart sank, She was so natural at it and the kids loved her. They had so much fun. Before I could get the words out, my daughter was crying already. I had to respond, explaining what it means to not come back, that Ms. Morales was not coming back. She was the first teacher she identified with personally, and it was the first teacher my daughter said, ‘I want to be a teacher, like Ms. Morales.”

The cause of the death of Alexandra has not been given and investigation into her death is still ongoing.

A Facebook post by Maria Del Rosario Palacios reads “I am lucky enough to be involved in my children’s education and can say with certainty that Ms. Morales inspired her children. Serenity and I have been ecstatic this school year to see a bilingual Latina in the classroom who cares so much about molding young minds.”